Shop Policies


Minors are not allowed in the shop unless recieving a service and accompanied by an adult (legal guardian).

Client Guests

We are all for moral support!  Feel free to bring your best friend, parent, or significant other to keep you company and provide moral support!  For Tattoo appointments, we respectfully ask that you limit your visitors in the tattoo area to 2 guests. For Piercing appointments, we ask that no more than one guest accompany you to the piercing room.

Tatoo Policies


Consultations are not required, but highly recommended.  A consultation with an artist is free and generally will take between 15 & 30 min.  During that time you will discuss your ideas with your artist and decide on placement, size, color vs grey-scale, etc.  Upon the completion of your consult, you will work with your artist to determine the best day/time for your appointment and place a deposit with your artist to reserve that time and allow your artist to begin working on your drawing.


Deposits are required for all scheduled appointments and are generally placed upon completion of your consultation.  The amount of the deposit will depend on the estimated length of the session:

0-1 Hour = $40

2 Hours = $80

3-5 Hours = $120

6+ Hours = Half Session Cost


If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you must do so at least 48 hours in advance. Changes/Cancellation within 48 hours of appointment will result in forfeiture of your deposit.


Appointments are not required, but highly recommended to ensure you are able to get in.  Piercing consultations are only required for minor piercings under 13y/o.  During a minor consultation, your piercer will review the process with the minor and ensure they fully understand and are aware of what they will experience.  We ensure proper consent has been given and will also discuss the importance of aftercare etc.  Custom curated piercings are also a great opportunity to schedule a consult with your piercer.

Piercing Policies

Age Limits

MN law and shop policy restricts which piercings are available to clients of different age groups.  Our policy is as follows:

5 years+: Earlobes *Consultation required

13 years+: Helix, Nostril

16 years+: Eyebrow, Lip/Labret, Philtrum, Vertical Labret, Forward Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch, Snug, Industrial, Navel

18 years+: Bridge, Tongue, Nipples, Surface Anchor, Surface Bar, Smiley, Any Genital piercing


Any piercing on a minor (a person under the age of 18) requires the consent of a parent or legal guardian.  Both the minor & guardian must fill out a consent form and provide a valid state or government ID.  Minors that do not have a valid ID will require a Birth Certificate.  *Both the last name and address must match on the minor & guardian's ID. If these do not match, we will require proof of guardianship via adoption, legal guardian documents, divorce paperwork, etc.


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