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Kelly Bee

amber cz clicker daith
ashley piercing
astera 4 moonstone helix
rainbow eyebrow surface
titanium bridge
anato gold bridge
Jessamine helix
Mushroom nostril
blue opal nape
original curation
Moon conch
I.S. floating navel
Lav opal industrial
Three chains conch
ethereal curation
Daith black LeRoi
No gem curation
Criss cross curation
Chain industrial
RG lazer disk philtrum
sleepy opal bridge
nostril virtue
Titanium curation
lav double forward helix
high nostrils ti
What curated lobes
BVLA ray of light daith
High noon anti tragus
Clutter curation
double helix chain
Lunar curation
orbital front and back view
ruby helix
BVLA lobes
More clutter lobes
vertical labret yg disk
double lobe junipurr
White gold curation
Paired eyebrows heart glasses
eyebrows paired ti
Pupil hall conch and faux rook
back surface anchors
healed anodized septum
Orbits v
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