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Established in 2017, our studio strives to set ourselves apart from what has become the normal tattoo parlor experience. With a more progressive approach, we boast that we have a more desirable atmosphere where the client comes first.  We've worked hard to bring you a studio that you can be comfortable walking into and stay comfortable throughout the duration of your visit.
With increased demand, all services are appointment only at this time.

If you'd like to book our next available piercing appointment or send a Tattoo inquiry for review, please click below!


The tattoo shop consists of five full-time experienced and talented tattoo artists.  These artists are not only local (multi) award-winning tattoo artists, but they are also available to do commission art in many different formats.  Many of their non-tattoo works can be seen on display in our gallery and some are even available as prints. 
Check all artist bios and portfolios here
Have a dream design??
*Tattoos are by appointment only*
We'll make it...
..a reality!
  • Artists typically schedule 3-6 months of appointments then "Close their books" (see FAQ for booking process)
  • Our artists do accept custom requests, but also consistently create and offer their custom flash pieces which become available periodically as well as once their books open and do take precedence over custom requests.


We have four full time professional body modification artists available.  They are highly trained to perform virtually any piercing you desire.  We carry only the highest quality jewelry hosting brands such as BVLA, Anatometal, LeRoi, NeoMetal, Pupil Hall, Industrial Strength, Gorrilla Glass, Body Gems, & more! Our piercers, as well as our owners, are APP (Association of Professional Piercers) members.  Our piercers follow the most stringent of guidelines to ensure a comfortable, clean, and sterile environment for your next piercing.

Check out the 'Piercing' section of our site to see some of our inventory! Not only do we carry high quality, implant grade, titanium jewelry, but we also are one of the only studios in town with the ability to anodize the jewelry to create virtually any color you want!  This means you get a totally custom piece to fit your personality!

Art Gallery




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In our gallery we display and sell all manner of art from local artists from the tri-state region and have a regular rotating selection. We host gallery nights, expos, and you'll find us participating in local exhibits such as "Red Hot Art", "Art in the Park", and "Art A-Whirl".

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