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Jessica Canvas


"I’ve been tattooing for 11 years, but have been drawing and creating art my entire life. Before I started tattooing I attended college to study art as well as spending a lot of time honing my skills as an artist throughout my life. Some of my favorite styles of tattoo include realism, new school, pin-up, and portraiture work; although I want to continue to learn many styles to become a more well-rounded tattoo artist. Some of the things I enjoy doing in my free time are playing video games (I’m a huge nerd), traveling, hanging out with friends, fishing, and most outdoor activities.

In the tattoo community, I try my best to attend many of the conventions in MN such as the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention, Tattoo You, Roughrider, and many more. Eventually, I will be branching out more and doing conventions around the US as well as around the world.


I also enjoy doing 'guest spots' at shops in and out of the state to meet other like-minded artists and expand my portfolio and skills. In the art community, I will eventually be participating in Art-A-Whirl, Red Hot Art, and many other art-related ventures around the city.

Hope you enjoy my work and I can’t wait to meet you and make your dream tattoo a reality!"

Cristy Briggs


"Born and raised in Oregon, I started my apprenticeship at Eugene Tattoo Company in 2011 where I obtained my tattoo license and headed to Minnesota a short year later.  

Tattooing has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I count myself as one of the lucky few who loves what they do for a living. It will always be my goal to grow and expand as an artist and each new artistic creation offers me that experience.

I've painted with oils and acrylic since I could manage to hold a brush, I enjoy telling stories through paintings and tattoos alike.  No tattoo could ever be too big or too small; I love illustrative black work, black and grey etching, dark art, and anything gothic, as well as anything mystical and magical.

My favorite part about tattooing is the longevity of the art and the individual perspective on each piece, creating  permanent art for another is both humbling and inspiring!"

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Melanie Buchholz


"Art has always been a fascination of mine. As a kid, I started creating which increased my craving to learn as much as possible about art and honing my craft. I fulfill my passion by accumulating ideas, secrets, and knowledge that influence my creations. While I've worked in several mediums, my first love is painting. 

Then in the summer of 2016, I entered the tattooing field. In 2018, I joined the team at Sacred Siren Parlor. Being a tattoo artist has been my one true love. Stylistically, I love doing new school and neotraditional tattoos. However, I also like black and grey pieces when needed to really bring my client's idea to life.

I'm usually interested in and inspired by nerdy subjects including anime, gamer fanart, low brow pop surrealism, and generally anything weird and obnoxious (i.e., cursed images, awkward character mashups). I love concepts that are high in contrast that easily catch a person's attention. For example, cheeseburgers with frog legs, Pikachu Centipedes, and Furby Mermaids. That being said, I'm not opposed to less odd or quirky ideas!"

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"I have been tattooing since 2015, taught in my family's tattoo studio by my father and brother. I've grown up around tattooing my entire life and it's a major part of me.
Around the same time I started tattooing, I took up painting, where I started live painting at local music events and music festivals, and I can still be found doing from time to time painting a canvas or a mural.

I moved to Minneapolis in 2020 to start my own journey and expand my knowledge and experience. I like many artistic mediums and continuously expanding my knowledge and skills, trying to get better every day. I care deeply about my work.

When I'm not tattooing or out live painting, I'm at home hanging out with my cats Charmander and Gengar, watching comedy or B horror, or making some kind of art by painting, drawing, making merch, trying to make music or taking music classes or even some art classes from time to time...just working on more stuff!"

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