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Tattoo & Piercing




Studio Policies

Valid ID Required

A *Valid* State or Government ID is required for all piercing & tattoo services. (You must present your ID at every visit)

As regulated my Minnesota statutes, you must provide identification as outlined below:

MN Statute 146B.07 Professional Standards ; Subdivision 1. Proof of age

(1) a valid driver's license or identification card issued by the state of Minnesota or another state that includes a photograph and date of birth of the individual;

(2) a valid passport;

(3) a resident alien card; or

(4) a tribal identification card.

 **Valid meaning: Non-Expired, Non-Clipped ID. If you're ID is clipped for any reason, you will need to  bring the clipped ID as well as the accompanying papers provided to you by the DMV.


-Minors are not allowed in the shop unless receiving a service and accompanied by a legal guardian.

-There must be one adult accompanying each minor present in the studio.

Client Guests

We are all for moral support!  Feel free to bring your best friend, parent, or significant other to keep you company and provide moral support! 

-For Tattoo appointments, we respectfully ask that you limit your visitors in the tattoo area to 2 guests.

-For Piercing appointments, we ask that no more than one guest accompany you to the piercing room.

Tattoo Policies


Consultations are almost always required.  A consultation with an artist is free and generally will take between 15 & 30 min. 


During that time you will discuss your ideas with your artist and decide on placement, size, color vs grey-scale, etc.  Upon the completion of your consult, you will work with your artist to determine the best day/time for your appointment and place a deposit with your artist to reserve that time and allow your artist to begin working on your drawing.


Deposits are required for all scheduled appointments and are generally placed upon completion of your consultation.  The amount of the deposit will depend on the estimated length of the session:
0-1 Hour = $80

1+ hour(s) = $150


If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you must do so at least 72 hours in advance. Changes/Cancellation within 72 hours of appointment will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

Piercing Policies


At this time, appointments are required for piercing services. Appointments can be made online via the 'book now' tabs within the piercing page OR by calling the studio.


Consultations are generally built into the piercing appointment time. With several of our piercing services, your anatomy is the deciding factor on whether or not the piercing is viable and your piercer will pre-check and discuss this with you if necessary.


With all minor services, your piercer will review the process with the minor and ensure they fully understand and are aware of what they will experience.  We ensure proper consent has been given and will also discuss the importance of aftercare etc. 

Age Limits

MN law and studio policy restricts which piercings are available to clients of different age groups.  Our policy is as follows:

5 years+: Earlobes 
13 years+: Helix, Nostril
16 years+: Eyebrow, Lip/Labret, Vertical Labret, Forward Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch, Navel, Septum
18 years+: Bridge, Philtrum, Nipples, Surface Anchor, Surface Bar, Snug, Industrial, Any Genital piercing


Any piercing on a minor (a person under the age of 18) requires the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

-The legal guardian must fill out a consent form and provide a valid state or government ID. They must also accompany the minor during the entirety of the service. 

-The minor must also provide BOTH:

  1: A valid state or government ID, a current student identification, or another official source that  includes their name and a photograph. (examples: Library Card, Amber Alert Card, Safe ID Card, etc) 

  2: Birth certificate.


**Both the last name and address must match on the minor & guardian's ID's** 

-If these do not match, we will require proof of guardianship via adoption, legal guardian documents,         divorce paperwork, etc.

**Minor ID is required for all appointments and subsequent follow-up visits.


We ask that you please reschedule or cancel your piercing appointment at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of $25.00.

No Show Protection

At the time of booking, you are required reserve your appointment with a Credit Card. This information is stored only temporarily on the secured Square booking site for purposes of "No Show Protection".  If you do not show up to your appointment, are more than 10 minutes late, or do not have a VALID ID, you will be subject to a $25 fee and be asked to re-book your appointment time.


How much does a Tattoo Cost?

You will be charged for your tattoo based on the duration of the actual time getting the piece.  Our artists charge by the hour and the hourly rate is between $150 - $200 per hour (Hourly rate varies by artist). If you're tattoo takes less than 1 hour, our shop minimum will apply.  The standard shop minimum is $100.

What if I want a very small Tattoo?

For all tattoos that take your artist less than 1 hour to complete, you will be charged the shop minimum of $100.  As an extra benefit to our clients, our artists offer you the ability to receive more than one small tattoo during your session and still only be charged the shop minimum if the duration of getting the pieces remains under 1 hour.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?

We require a deposit at the time of scheduling your Tattoo appointment.  This deposit gets applied to the total cost of the tattoo at the end of your final session.  Your appointment is not only a promise of your time to your artist, but it's also a agreement your artist makes to you to reserve that time and design your piece. 

Are deposits refundable?

Your appointment is not only a promise of your time to your artist, but it's also a agreement your artist makes to you to reserve that time and design and deliver your piece.  It is our policy that you may change or cancel your appointment and receive a full reimbursement as long as you do so 72 hours in advance (as much advance notice as possible is preferred). 


The 72 hour advance notice is what we consider a 'reasonable' amount of time to allow your artist to attempt to fill that hole in their schedule if you are unable to keep your appointment.  Our Tattoo artists are independent contractors that do not receive an hourly wage and are only paid based on the work they do.  If you cancel your appointment, they are left with a gap in their day which can result in a loss of income.

How much does a Piercing Cost?

Exact piercing service pricing is listed under the 'piercing' page. Our pricing is broken down into two elements: 

1: The Service; Piercing service pricing starts at $40 and goes up from there depending on the piercing. On standard piercings (non-genital, surface, etc) we offer a discount making subsequent piercings (up to 3 in a session) $25 each.

2: The jewelry; We offer a variety of high-quality jewelry at all price points!  We want to ensure each client has the opportunity to find the perfect piece at a reasonable price.  Our basic implant-grade titanium jewelry generally starts at around $34 and goes up from there...  Authentic gems and gold obviously being at a higher price point.

Am I eligible for Microblading?

If you have any of the following health conditions you are not eligible for the microblading or lip blush procedure:
• Pregnant/nursing
• History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring
• Diabetic (require doctor’s clearance)
• Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
• Take blood thinners
• Viral infections and/or diseases
• Epilepsy
• Pacemaker or major heart problems
• Organ transplant
​• Rosacea
• Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
• Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
• Accutane in the past year
• Heart conditions, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Poor general health.
• Any treatment, medication, or illness that compromises the immune system / healing 

Some other factors that may affect the outcome:

Color retention and overall results are different for each individual. Factors such as sun exposure, skin type, aftercare, lifestyle and skin tone determine how you heal.

-OILY SKIN - tends to 'push out' the pigment quicker, and may need more frequent touch ups. Strokes may heal a little blurry.
-DARKER SKIN -  will have less contrast and may heal more powdery or solid looking.
The darker the skin tone, the less detail you will see. 
-MATURE SKIN (60+) - is very fine, delicate and thin. Clients may experience some loss of detail, discoloration or blurring. 

How do I assure healed results for my brows?

You may shower or bathe, but avoid getting your brows wet, or any harsh soaps, shampoos, or allow the shower to spray directly on your face for 10-14 days (until all the scabs are off) as this can disrupt the bonding process for the pigment to stabilize in the skin.

• DO NOT pick or scratch at the dry skin/flakiness; let the skin fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring and the pigment to come off with the scab. Once the flakes have fallen off, a shiny layer of healing skin will cover the hair strokes. Within 1-2 weeks, the hair strokes will slowly reappear at a lighter shade.

• DO NOT apply make-up to the tattooed area for the first 10-14 days. 
• DO NOT use Vaseline, Neosporin or other petroleum based products while healing.
​• DO NOT bleach, tint or dye the brow area for one month following the procedure.
• DO NOT apply any anti-acne products (e.g. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactiv, etc.) or lightening creams such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.
• DO NOT apply facial products containing Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids
• DO NOT thread, wax, or use hair removal products on brows while healing.
• NO exercising and/or excessive sweating one day prior to microblading and for 10 days after. Sweating will cause the hair strokes to blur or push the pigment out.
• NO sun exposure, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas or other bodies of water for two weeks.
• DO NOT submerge brows in water

How long before and event should I book my Permanent Makeup appointment?

We recommend new clients book their first session at least 3-4 months before vacations or special events. This allows time for the initial application to heal as well as the touch-up appointment 4-6 weeks after.

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