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Employment Opportunities

Sacred Siren Parlor is currently hiring!
(Updated March, 2024)
*No Apprenticeship Opportunities are available at this time*
Tattoo Artist
  • Must be Fully Licensed w/ a minimum of 2 years experience

    • If you are licensed in another state, we can and will help you get your MN license!​

  • All new tattoo inquiries flow through the studio & a staff of front desk personnel handles client communications.

    • No more personal DM's, Emails, Texts, etc to manage and reply to!  Allowing you to focus more on your art!

    • Desk staff has an incredible response time and client inquiries are handled immediately rather than building up for weeks on end.

    • All inquiries are brought to you, the artist, for approval prior to booking any consultations

      • Pick what you do and do not wish to tattoo!​

      • Curate your portfolio of work to be inline with the style you wish to excel at!

      • Post one-of-a-kind flash designs up for grabs to help steer your clients stylistically

    • Appointment only - We generally work on a "Books Open / Books Closed" methodology.  Booking your schedule 3 months at a time, then closing them to new appointments.

  • Very competitive payout options

  • Weekly Direct Deposit

  • Holiday Bonus

  • Learning Opportunities:

    • We encourage Guest Spots, Attending Explorer Tattoo Conference, & Conventions

    • We regularly host guest artists of all varieties including internationally acclaimed artists for networking and learning opportunities in studio

    • Encourage a regular knowledge share amongst artists w/ a Knowledgebase of learning videos, seminar notes, infographics, etc hosted in the cloud for all to utilize.

  • Large semi-private booth w/ built-ins and professional tattoo furniture for you and the client

    • Ink Rack 

    • Sink In-Booth

    • Built-In cabinetry w/ SS counter

    • Rolling tray

    • High CRI work light

    • Variety of available arm rests

    • TatSoul Client bed

    • TatSoul Artist Chair

    • Curtains/Shades that can be drawn for artist or client privacy

  • Studio provides all regular consumables:

    • Optim 1 Wipes​

    • Paper Towels

    • Trash Bags

    • Green Soap

    • Ink Caps

    • Rinse Cups

    • Dental Bibs

    • XL Waterproof Liners

    • Chair Covering / Soaker Pads

    • Pillows & Pillow Cases

    • Distilled Water

    • Sharps Container/Disposal

    • Laser Printers w/ Paper

    • Stencil Machines (2 Basic, 1 Panenka Thermal Imager, Epson EcoTank w/ InkJet stenicil ink)

    • Stencil Paper

  • Studio provides marketing & Brand Building

Please send your portfolio & a brief background of yourself to:

~Our Space~

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