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Piercing Professionals


Kelly Bee


"Hello! My name is Kelly. I have been piercing since 2014 and started at Sacred Siren in 2017 as the first piercer in the studio. 


Body piercing has always been an interest of mine and I’m so lucky to have made a full time career out of doing what I love. I spent my earliest days actively researching the industry and since becoming a piercer, I am always focused on learning new techniques, processes, and how to maintain the best knowledge to better help clients. 


My favorite services are ear curations, bridge piercings, and philtrum piercings! Curations really hold a special place for me, because jewelry is the best part about discovering and adding to your own unique style in a creative way. I heavily enjoy doing curations that have an ethereal and dreamy style dripping in amethyst, mercury mist, and lavender tones and bonus points for chains and charms!


When I’m not piercing, I am still usually behind the scenes ordering all of the jewelry you’ll find in the studio and working on custom jewelry projects for clients. Outside of piercing, I enjoy lazy Saturdays with my son, reading, thrifting & antique shopping, crocheting/crafting, and playing cozy games! 


You can find my work and sneak peaks of the newest jewelry at @PiercingsbyKellyBee 🖤"

Hanna Brittain


"Hello! I’m Hanna. I have been piercing professionally since 2009. I got my start here in Minneapolis at a tattoo studio doing reception work for them, and a year and a half later found a piercing apprenticeship. I have always been fascinated with the industry and history of body piercing, and love learning about how this industry has grown. I strive to continue my learning and push my skills to be better and safer every day I work. I owe much gratitude to my peers, coworkers, and clients for all the amazing opportunities, knowledge, and continuous growth as a piercer. I have pierced in a few different states over my career and I’m glad to be back in MN with my clients, friends, and family.


My favorite piercings are septums, nostrils, floating navels, custom bent industrials, ear styling and curating. Honestly, anything on asymmetrical features or with a unique flair to it is thrilling for me! I love a good challenge to keep my skills and techniques on point. With that being said, I love being able to make a client feel good about their natural features and comfortable in their skin.


When I’m not at work I enjoy playing and running Dungeons and Dragons adventures, playing some Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and side scrolling puzzle video games, stone carving/lapidary, going hiking, paddle boarding, and cooking. I’m always making something delicious in the kitchen. 


Come by the studio to check out our stellar selection of high-quality body jewelry, and let’s curate a fantastic set up for your aesthetic!"


Sophia Marcinko


"Hi! My name is Sophia, and I’ve been piercing since 2015. I’m from Southern California and moved to Minneapolis in 2021. It was a huge change, but I’m super happy with my decision; I love it out here and I love all the clients I’ve met! 


I grew up in the punk scene in SoCal and I think that’s what initially spurred my fascination with body piercing and the many ways that humans choose to adorn and express themselves! Every day I am grateful that I get to do what I love for a living and provide clients with safe, quality piercings, beautiful jewelry, and help them achieve their aesthetic goals. It truly warms my heart to see the look on a client’s face when they get to see their new piercing for the first time!


Some of my favorite piercings to do are bridge piercings, lip piercings, high nostrils, and ear curations -especially in white gold! Cool tone stones and lots of charms and dangles are my absolute favorites with curations. I love to work with clients to find jewelry and placements that will compliment their own unique anatomy and help bring their vision to life. I adore working with anatomical variations and being given challenges; it keeps me on my toes and is a true reminder of why I love what I do so much!


When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time thrifting, hanging out with my cat, working on beading projects, and exploring new places around the Twin Cities! I have a passion for antiques and anything and everything cat related! 


Feel free to come by the studio and take a look at our beautiful jewelry selection, I love to meet new people and talk jewelry and piercing ideas. Let’s turn your aesthetic dreams into a reality!"

Autumn Mattfeld 


"Hello! My name is Autumn. I have been in the industry since 2020, but I have been interested in piercing ever since I was a little girl. While my friends played dress up, I found myself experimenting with faux piercings at the young age of 11. I am extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of the industry, and to grow in my knowledge of the piercing process. I find myself most interested in learning about the different and unique anatomy of our wonderful clients, and how to best accommodate them. 


The piercings that I am most excited about are septums and vertical labrets, but I feel drawn to almost anything symmetrical - paired lobes, high nostrils, you name it! The different jewelry options that are possible for each piercing post healing,I find, gives the incentive of healing the piercing correctly, ensuring that it will last for years. There is nothing I adore more than seeing a client feel confident with their new body ornament!


Outside of work you’ll see me in the mosh pit, outdoors, reading (poetry, horror, or romance), working on small clothing projects, playing guitar, and spending time with my people."

Autumn Headshot.jpg
Mara Headshot.jpg

Mara Kristine


Hey all, I’m Mara. I started my piercing journey in 2020 and cannot imagine another career path that I’d love as much as I do this one.

After being taken to have my nostril pierced at thirteen and falling inspirationally in love with my piercer and the experience, I knew I wanted help people create their ideal self-image the way she had done for me.


Since beginning in this line of work, I’ve been nearly obsessive with learning how to create the most uplifting, exciting experience, and nerding out on the technical aspects to make sure your piercings have the best possible chance of healing happily. My favorite piercings to perform are anything in the ear cartilage, especially industrials, and finding unique placements specific to your ear anatomy so you have something that most folks may not!

Aside from work I am a songwriter and aspiring music producer, I occasionally illustrate horror/monsters, can be found at EDM or metal shows in town, and enjoy ordering curry takeout and trying to keep my cats’ faces out of it.

I am extremely honored to get the chance to be a conduit of your self-creation.

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Stop in to view our incredible jewelry selection!  We carry some of the highest quality jewelry available from APP approved jewelers.  We host brands such as: BVLA, Industrial Strength, LeRoi, Anatometal, NeoMetal, Gorrilla Glass, Body Gems, & more!  Our selection is always changing and custom orders are available.  Here is a small glipse of some of what we've had in stock..

(Click a photo for more detail)



IS Faux Paul Ends

IS Faux Paul Ends

BVLA w logos

BVLA w logos



BVLA w logo

BVLA w logo

BVLA Athena w logo

BVLA Athena w logo

Anato ECustom Eyelets

Anato ECustom Eyelets

BVLA Afghans

BVLA Afghans

Buddha Jewelry Organics w app logo

Buddha Jewelry Organics w app logo



Anato and Maya

Anato and Maya





Maya Hanging

Maya Hanging

Mettle and Silver w app logo

Mettle and Silver w app logo

Rings nd things

Rings nd things

Maya Hanging Pieces

Maya Hanging Pieces

Maya Ferns

Maya Ferns

Questions about Jewelry pricing?  Our selection is ALWAYS changing, so please call, message, or stop in today to find out more!

Piercing Service Pricing:

Please note: Service pricing does NOT include cost of Jewelry.

Facial / Oral:

  • Eyebrow $40

  • Bridge $40

  • Nostril $40

  • Septum $40

  • Lip (upper or lower) $40

  • Labret $40

  • Vertical Lip $40

  • Philtrum $40

*Restrictions apply, inquire for details!

Genital - Penile:

  • Prince Albert (PA) $75

  • Reverse Prince Albert $75

  • Frenum $75

  • Dydoe $75

  • Guiche $75

  • Hafada/Scrotum $75

  • Lorum $75

*All genital piercings require a consultation as some anatomy
is not suitable for certain piercings.*


  • Lobes $35/ea OR $50/pair

  • Lobes 10g & up $45/ea OR $60/Pair
                         (requires consultation)

  • Helix/Rim $40

  • Forward Helix $40

  • Tragus $40

  • Rook $40

  • Conch $40

  • Snug $40

  • Daith $40

  • Industrial $50 (18+ years of age)

*Children under 12 years of age are upon consultation and appt ONLY*

Torso / Surfaace:

  • Navel $40

  • Nipple $40/ea OR $65/Pair

  • Surface Anchor $50 (“Micro-dermal” requires consultation)

  • Surface Bar $50 (Requires Consultation)

Genital - Vulva:

  • Vertical Hood $75

  • Horizontal Hood $75

  • Christina $75

  • Inner Labia $75

  • Outer Labia $75

  • Triangle $75

*All genital piercings require a consultation as some anatomy
is not suitable for certain piercings.*

Other Services:

  • Jewelry Insertions/Changes: $10

  • Stretching (up to 4 piercings): $10

  • Surface Anchor Removal: $10

  • Anodization / Re-Anodization: $10

*Some services listed are not offered by every piercing professional on staff. Please consult our online booking site or call/text/email for more information.

Turning 18?!?

...We have a deal for you!  To celebrate your coming of age, we would like to offer you 50% off your piercing service fee!

Just stop in the shop on your Birthday, or the week of, to take advantage of this deal!

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