Piercing Professionals

Kelly Huigens


"Hi! I'm Kelly. I have been working in the industry since 2012 and piercing since September 2014. I personally couldn't imagine doing anything else and am very passionate about my career. I have had an interest in body modification since I can remember and since I got my first piercing at 15 have actively tried to learn more about piercing and the industry. With that, I am always looking to learn new things and further my education in piercings. The knowledge and skills that I have acquired in my few years I am beyond grateful to my clients and peers for their continuous support and many fun projects/opportunities.


My favorite type of work includes ear projects (conch piercings and daith piercings are a personal favorite) I also enjoy doing philtrum piercings, bridge piercings and the good ol’ nostril piercing. But at the end of the day if you are happy with your piercing and have a passion for fine jewelry I can't say there isn't any piercing I don't personally enjoy doing.


While a lot of my time will be spent in the shop working with clients, I do enjoy many other things. I find joy in crafting (mainly knitting & crochet), reading tarot for myself and others, video games, binge watching harry potter & being surrounded by animals of any kind.


Stop by the shop and say hi to me at anytime! I love seeing new faces and turning piercing dreams into reality."

Hanna Brittain


"Hello! I’m Hanna. I have been piercing in Minneapolis since 2009. I got my start here in Minneapolis at a tattoo studio doing reception work for them, and a year and a half later found a piercing apprenticeship. I have always been fascinated with the industry and history of body piercing, and love learning about how this industry has grown. I strive to continue my learning and pushing my skills to be better and safer every day I work. I owe much gratitude to my peers, coworkers, and clients for all the amazing opportunities, knowledge, and continuous growth as a piercer. I just moved back from the Pacific Northwest and am so happy to be back in the city that started it all for me.


Some of my favorite piercings to perform are septum, ear curations, non-traditional navel piercings, and surface anchors. Honestly, anything on asymmetrical features is thrilling for me! I love a good challenge to keep my skills and techniques on point. With that being said, I love being able make to make a client feel good about their natural features and comfortable in their skin.


When I’m not at work I enjoy playing and running Dungeons and Dragons adventures, playing some challenging yet beautiful video games, stone carving/lapidary, going hiking (and looking for agates/fossils), kayaking, baking and cooking. I’m always making something delicious in the kitchen. The future has some exciting adventures for me as I am entering the world of fine jewelry making with silver (and eventually gold), but will always remain a piercer first and foremost.


Come by the studio to check out our stellar selection of high-quality body jewelry, and let’s curate a fantastic set up for your aesthetic!"



NeoMetal Nipple Barbells
Evolve Plugs

Stop in to view our incredible jewelry selection!  We carry some of the highest quality jewelry available from APP approved jewelers.  We host brands such as: LeRoi, Anatometal, Evolve, NeoMetal, Gorrilla Glass, & Body Gems!

Questions about Jewelry pricing?  Our selection is ALWAYS changing, so please call, message, or stop in today to find out more!

Piercing Service Pricing:

Please note: Service pricing does NOT include cost of Jewelry.

Facial / Oral:

  • Eyebrow $30

  • Bridge $40

  • Nostril $30

  • Septum $30

  • Lip (upper or lower) $30/ea OR $50/Pair

  • Labret $35

  • Vertical Lip $35

  • Philtrum $35

  • Tongue $40 (18+ years of age)

  • Smiley $35


  • Lobes $20/ea OR $30/pair

  • Lobes 10g & up $30/ea OR $40/Pair
                         (requires consultation)

  • Helix/Rim $30

  • Forward Helix $30

  • Tragus $30

  • Rook $30

  • Conch $30

  • Snug $30

  • Daith $30

  • Industrial $45 (18+ years of age)

*Children under 12 years of age are upon consultation and appt ONLY*

Turning 18?!?

...We have a deal for you!  To celebrate your coming of age, we would like to offer you 50% off your piercing service fee!

Just stop in the shop on your Birthday, or the week of, to take advantage of this deal!

*Restrictions apply, inquire for details!

Torso / Surfaace:

  • Navel $30

  • Nipple $35/ea OR $60/Pair

  • Surface Anchor $40 (“Micro-dermal” requires consultation)

  • Surface Bar $40 (Requires Consultation)

Male Genital:

  • Frenum $50

*All genital piercings require a consultation as some anatomy
is not suitable for certain piercings.*

Female Genital:

  • Vertical Hood $50

  • Horizontal Hood $50

  • Christina $50

*All genital piercings require a consultation as some anatomy
is not suitable for certain piercings.*

Other Services:

  • Jewelry Insertions/Changes: $5

  • Stretching (up to 4 piercings): $10

  • Surface Anchor Removal: $10

  • Anodization / Re-Anodization: $5


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